The good news about strategic cooperation with YachtingVerse.

YachtingVerse is a VR platform built on the BSC smart chain. This platform will bring together all stakeholders in the metaverse and yacht industry. It is a platform where users will play games, yacht shipyards will launch their yachts, manufacturers will showcase their products, and crew and ship owners will discover new products and technologies. We believe in the future of the yacht industry, blockchain, and smart contract technology. We have been serving the yacht industry for many years. And now we’re merging two multi-billion dollar industries. Because the yachting industry is our soul and our biggest passion. We want to increase the value it deserves. YachtingVerse will consist of a marina, offices, supplier stores, shopping center, social area, and playground. Our goal is to provide users with a high-quality immersive experience by providing an environment where they can play, create, own, socialize, earn rewards and use “DYachtApp”. Yachtsmen will be able to do virtual training simulations, yacht games, boat shows, advertisements to generate income through real estate ownership.



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