Important announcement about the partnership between Cwincapital and Pyramid walk.

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2 min readMay 18, 2022


Pyramid Ecosystem is a utility-focused project that provides Walk to Earn & Defi solutions such as NFT Marketplace with Pyramid NFT Sneakers, Multichain supported launchpad and Staking features.

Our Ecosystem Usecases:

  • NFT Sneakers Collection
  • Walk to Earn Mobile Application
  • Multichain Launchpad
  • NFT Marketplace

PYRAMID-WALK is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social-Fi and DE-Fi features.

With NFT Sneakers log in– users can earn $PYRA by walking/Staking with their NFT Sneakers

Users can also trade their NFT Sneakers on the in-app Marketplace

Users’ $PYRA earnings are stored in the in-app Wallet, which has a built-in Swap function.

The ecosystem will give users access to the Pyramid Walk to Earn application to walk with their NFT Sneakers to earn $PYRA, stake $PYRA in-app, and trade their NFT with PYRAMID Marketplace, and much more.


Our mission is to encourage and reward healthy habits. This is a product to improve health, Health is not classified into inferiority or age. Every time you Walk, you earn cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase our intangible products. We would like to bring a product that can target all types of users, bring them the better health and income through walking in their daily activities.


We aspire to put “cryptocurrency in every portfolio.” We envision a world where wealth-building strategies that were once only accessible to affluent individuals become available to everyone, transferring the power over our financial systems back to the people. PYRAMID-PAD is going to create a revolutionary ecosystem to bring more people into digital assets, helping to earn a passive income through redistribution / reflection, by holding the Lift token long term, along with maintaining their privacy, security, power, and autonomy. We strive to create an ecosystem based on sound monetary policies, with a sound and solid decentralized foundation, that should be expected with the Lift coin digital asset.




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